Creative direction, design, promotion, and campaigns by Carlos Calles.

"U Could Get It"

I lead the creative direction, design, and social media campaigns for this song release. Spread across two weeks, the campaign created a 445% increase in engagement on Instagram and a follower increase of 11%. Our assets included album cover, a promo photoshoot, an animated promotional video, along with a playlist. We ran facebook ads that received CPC as low as 11 cents. We also used our network to promote through playlisting and blog publicity. With a save rate of over 65%, it is clear we hit the correct target audience for the single. This lead to building connection with an audience that was willing to follow and engage on a long term level. 


"Kant Stress"

For Kant Stress, I lead creative direction, design, and campaign. For this song release, we had a wide range of assets spread out across a month. The assets included: preview clip of song behind the scenes, album cover, playlist, lyric visual, animated promo video, merchandise, and music video. Two months from release the song has over 20,000 streams. Our campaign included relying on our network we've created to create organic engagement and playlisting. Our understanding of the Spotify algorithm allowed us to trigger its algorithmic playlists, giving a large boost in audience. When we released the music video, a month after song release, we used low-cost Facebook Ads and Google Ads that circled our audience's attention back to the song again and increasing its shelf life.


"It Could All B So Simple"

For the release of "It Could All B So Simple," I lead creative direction and promo strategy. We released three videos leading up to the release to create buzz and excitement for the EP. Directed by me, one can be seen below. This created engagement on instagram and began to build a core audience.


"Baby Blue"

For this release, I lead creative direction, event planning, and promotion strategy. The promotion of this album was heavily event-based, as I organized and promoted a live show which happened the week of release. We sold out the venue at Brix Oakland, using social media promotion and getting people excited through album and single releases. We also did a giveaway of merch to get more of our audience interacting with our promotions which worked well. Because of the intimacy of the music, I created a magazine which documented the creative process of the album. This allowed our audience to create a deep-rooted connection to the album that lasted long-term.